Thursday, April 24, 2008


If you have not seen this card yet - you have missed something Big Time!!!

This FANTASTIC AND BOMBASTIC CARD was made by no other than Cindy aka Mothermark on SCS!!!

She has made it for my Featured Stamper announcement this past Sunday!!!

I'm sooooooo loving this card and to be honest with you I've even shed a tear or 10 because I have never ever received anything like it!!!

Cindy has created an absolute MASTERPIECE with this one -please look at all the wonderful sensational details she has added - I kept starring at this card for ever and ever when I first saw it!!! Guess what - today I have received this FANTASTIC CARD in my mailbox!!! Let me tell you - it is so mind blowing holding this one in my hand!!!! It is just as FABULOUS as it is in the picture Cindy has taken on SCS!!! I had to take these photo's just to share it with you again....

Cindy I have loved you from the far and I love you even more now and you will always have a super special place in my heart!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this fantastic card just for me!!!

BTW - Cindy has also created a wonderful story with this card and you can see it HERE


Susan (rainy) said...

Are you serious!! This is fabulous! How completely fun to have such a wonderful creation made just for you! Lovin' it!

peanutbee said...

I saw this card on Sunday, and thought it was wonderful!! I've always admired Cindy's work too...not to mention she's just a hoot! It was very sweet of her to not only make a themed card out of your screen name, but to mail it to you too. :)

Nancy Riley said...

Cindy sure is creative, isn't she?! I think it's so cool how she honors each Featured Stamper in this special way! TFS!

I just love how Cindy did the clouds on this card, and all the bling is fabulous!

~amy~ said... very perfect for you!

Lana said...

OMG....your work is beautiful. I found you site whilst look through SCS for some inspiration. I will definetely be visiting often. Well Done from Lana, Sydney Australia.

Jennifer Buck said...

This is adorable! TFS :)

Giovana said...

Woww!!! the card is awesome, you deserve this and more Silke.

God bless you

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Isn't Cindy's card just the icing on the cake??? I love what she did here, and that is definitely the car I picture you in...a pink convertable!!

Love it, and you are so deserving of Cindy's masterpiece!

Diane said...

Wow that is amazing!!!!

JAR said...

Aren't her cards sensational?? I have two of them and they are certainly masterpieces!!

Mothermark said...

OMG Silke! Thank you so much for your kind words....Holy cow! What warm words.....honestly your little *story* brought a tear to my eye and makes me so happy today! It was honestly my pleasure to make this for you and the very thought that it made you this happy just makes it that much more fun and special to me too! You are so welcome!

Thank you so much for posting it here, for posting a link to my gallery, and for just having fun right along with all of us!

Have a wonderful weekend...and THANK YOU from the bottom of MY heart!

Hugs little buddy!

Sara said...

What a precious gift!! You deserve it.

LeAnne said...

Oh I can see you driving around in this, Sparklegirl! How sweet of Cindy to send this to you!!! I love those clouds, gotta try them out!