Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just in case You wanted to know!!!

Hello again!!! Jennifer had asked me "What kind of adhesive" I use for my Glitter???

I still use the 2 Way-Glue Pen for smaller projects, but for Chipboard's I use the new "TSUKINEKO" GLUE PAD!!! I' ve bought it at a LLS in Savannah - but they closed out...but I'm sure you can find it online or ask your LLS!!!

What I like about this Glue Pad is that I can just place my project (chipboard) on it and it will glue it evenly and anything sticks really good!!! It's not an absolute must have, but I'm glad I can use it once in a while...

Thanks for asking and I hope that helped???

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Jennifer Engle said...

Thanks!! I feel absolutely enabled enough to run out and buy it even with your qualifier that it is not an absolute must have... I will just ignore that part LOL : ) I've seen it used a lot for brads and stuff but I did not think of using it on chipboard!