Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hello again!!! Just wanted to *thank* every one for tagging me and giving me Awards!!!
I have received most of them already and I'm so grateful that you love my blog and keep giving them to me!!!

This *Art Y Pico Award* was given to me by Kim Gasper aka *Stampin in the Rain* - thank you Kim!!!

I have received the *Kreative Blogger* Award from Chat aka *nightstamper* - thank you Chat!!!

I have been tagged by my friend Denise aka *peanutbee*
- thank you Denise - but you already know how weird I am - LOL!!!

You can read seven weird things about me right here.....!!! Sorry - I could not think of any new ones!!!

I'm gonna award these two wonderful and talented ladies right here:

1. Angela Jones - An Ink and a Smile
2. Savitri - Scappin and Stampin with Savitri

If you feel like playing just let me know I'll add you to the list!!!

Have a great day!!!


Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper said...

Wow Congrats on the awards Silke!

Angela said...

Thanks for the award and tag Silke! It's very cool and I'm honoured. Girl, you sure are getting my bloggin' butt in gear, aren't ya? :) I think I narrowed all the weird things about me down to seven.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much! I feel so special! BUT, it is funny though because I was just thinking of awarding you what I was awarded when I posted mine. I haven't gotten to that part yet. You know you inspire me!