Sunday, August 31, 2008

Puppy *Luke* and some awesome RAK's

If been wanting to update you on our little puppy.....

Here is our *Luke*. He is 3 months now.

He has grown so much and gained 16 pounds since we have him.........We are switching him to *big* boy food soon!!! The Vet thinks he'll be at least 80 pounds.....he has his body from his daddy and his pretty face from his mommy!!!

Luke loves to hang out with my girls. In the picture is my oldest Sarah (right), her friend Tiff (center) and our little Miriam (left). Can you tell Luke loves to be the center of attention.....????

Next I want to show you some gorgeous cards some of my blogger friends have mailed me. I feel so blessed to have found such awesome friends thru SCS - THANK YOU LADIES FOR THINKING OF ME - IT REALLY MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!!

Every one know how super sweet my friend Jessie is and I feel soooooo super rotten, because I have received so many of her gorgeous cards and I have not gotten of my lazy big mail her one back.....!!!

Not any more - Jessie - mail is on the way - LOL!!!

This card made it to my house this week and I was so thrilled about it , because Janette has thought of me after finishing this card and mailed it off - plus she had to do some serious research to find my address.......isn't that nice???

Over the last couple of weeks I have received a couple of Denise's gorgeous cards. I'm so blessed that I have met her over on SCS and we have been friends ever since. If everything works out - we both finally get to meet each other in January!!! WAAHHOOO!!!

Clara Sanchez
She has made this beauty for me as a *Thank You* note for winning one of my past Blog Candies.

She has made this gorgeous card for me when I was the Featured Stamper in April . How super cool is that - I have an Amy original - LOL!!!
Thank you for stopping by and letting me share all this with you!!!
Have a great Sunday!!!


Denise Marzec said...

Holy SMOKES, look at how big he's getting!! Oh so cute too, lookin' all regal and sitting up so straight and proud. hehe!

I can't wait to meet YOU, girlie, and I'm so glad we're friends. {{hugs}}

Denise Marzec said...

P.S. My favorite picture is the one of the ALL the beautiful kiddos together on the bench. Beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Silke, I luv your work and always have, but when you start showing me baby Luke I do not see anything else. I luv boxers soooo much....I think they have personalities like people. thank you for letting me know about the pictures. I need to get goin on my blog. I am just real busy now with school. thank you again, hugs and more hugs, Teresa*~*

p.s. let me know if you ever run accross any boxer stamps....I don't have any but would like to a some.

Jackie Pedro said...

Luke is amazing!! What a handsome man! He looks great there sittin' with all the ladies!

You are one lucky lady! Look at all those RAK's!! Each and every one is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Luke is adorable. I'm a sucker for a pretty face!

Love the guest cards . . . . great sketches.

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

You lucky girl! I guess it pays to be a sweetheart!

Marisa said...

Holy Moly, this is going to be one big "baby" even if he is the youngest!!! Looks like your girls love him tons too. Hope he is behaving :)

Anonymous said...

That Miriam is so darn cute!! Leaning over like that and that cute little smile!!

Jessie/knightrone said...

Look at all those gorgeous RAK's!! Luke is getting so big, he is adorable!