Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hello everyone!!! I have updated my list as of August 19th, 2011 and hope you see something you like!?!?

The Stamps are all in good condition unless otherwise noted!!! I hate to say it, but some stamps only seen ink once :( or none at all!!!

Most of my Stamp Sets are discounted about 20% to 60% off the original prize!!! Our house is a smoke-free environment!!!

I accept Pay-Pal !!! I will ship internationally and I will bill you once I know how much your shipment is!!! I can ship Priority Mail in the US, but it’s not a must!!! Shipping costs are extra, in addition to the cost of the Stamps!!!

Please email me under if you are interested!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE AND WHAT STAMP SETS you are interested in!!! That way I can send you an invoice accordingly!!! It's all on a *first come first served* basis!!! I will try to update the list often!!! Thank you for looking...!!!

I have many more SU stamps that I didn't list, so e-mail me with the name and I'll tell ya if I have it!!!
*Itty Bitty Backgrounds $3.00 SOLD
*Stars and Swirls $3.00 SOLD
*Made from Scratch (new) $3.00
*Beyond the Basics $3.00 SOLD


*Sweet on you $5.00
*Seeing Spots $5.00
*Perennial Favorits $5.00
*Doodle That $5.00
*All about Occasions (new) $5.00
*Party Punch $5.00
*Merci (only half assembled) $5.00
*Made from Scratch (new) $5.00
*Ladybuds $5.00
*Loving Hearts (stained blocks) $5.00
*Big Blossom $5.00 SOLD
*Friendship Blooms (1 stained block) $5.00
*Lexicon of Love $5.00
*So Very $5.00
*Little Pieces $5.00


*Spring Song (like new) $8.00 SOLD
*Trick or Treat (new) $8.00
*Wishing You the Best $8.00
*So many Scallops $8.00 SOLD
*Sweet Dreams $8.00
*Nice & Narrow $8.00
*Haunting Halloween $8.00
*Along the Same Lines $8.00
*Big Blossom (new) $8.00
*Polka Dots & Petals (like new) $8.00
*Figure of Speech (like new) $8.00
*Alphabits $8.00
*Sweet & Sassy $8.00
*Think Happy Thoughts (like new) $8.00
*All Through the Year (new) $8.00
*Tagger’s Dozen $8.00
*Word on Word $8.00
*Baby Jesus is Born $ 8.00
*One of a Kind $ 8.00
*Love Matters $ 8.00
*Lots of Thoughts (new) $8.00
*Wishing You Cheer $8.00
*So Many Sayings $8.00
*The World Over $8.00
*Big Flowers $8.00
*That's Nice $8.00
*In the Spotlight $8.00
*Love Ya Bunches $8.00
*Happy Heart Day $8.00
*Bitty Boos Too $8.00
*All Natural $8.00
*Sealed with a Kiss $8.00
*Love it $8.00
*Polka Dots & Petals $8.00
*Word Search Background Stamp (like new) $8.00
*On the Spot Background Stamp (like new) $8.00
*Wonderful Words $8.00
*Big Bold Birthday $8.00
*Riveting $8.00
*A Kind Word $80.00
*Festive Favorites (1 block stained) $8.00
*Best Kind of Friends $8.00
*Perfect Princess $8.00
*You Make Me Happy $8.00


*Perfect Presentation $10.00
*Elegant Inspirations (like new) $10.00
*All About U (the *U* is lightly stained) $10.00
*It’s a Cheer Thing $10.00
*Say it with Scallops $10.00
*Spring Solitude $10.00
*Boho Backgrounds $10.00
*A Good Egg $10.00 SOLD
*Lovely Labels (new) $10.00
*Sparkly Sayings $10.00
*Just Like You $10.00
*Tag Time $10.00
*Celebrate Everything $10.00
*Warm Words $10.00
*Eat Cake $10.00
*Big Blooms $10.00
*Pick a Petal $10.00  SOLD
*A Good Egg $10.00
*Birthday Greetings $10.00
*Dots are Hot $10.00
*Kindred Spirit (lightly stained block) $10.00
*Enjoy Every Moment $10.00  SOLD
*Big Pieces (like new) $10.00
*Heartfelt Thanks $10.00
*Bundle in Love $10.00
*Pocket Silhouettes $10.00 SOLD
*Dream Du Jour $10.00


*Asian Artistry (like new) $12.00
*Echoes of Kindness (lightly stained block) $2.00
*Artfully Asian (like new) $12.00 SOLD
*God is Love (like new) $12.00
*Big on Christmas (like new) $12.00
*Sweet Serendipity $12.00
*Fabulous Flowers $12.00  SOLD
*A Happy Heart (one block stained) $12.00
*Heard From the Heart $12.00
*Office Accoutrement $12.00
*Doodle This $12.00
*Stem Saying $12.00
*Charming (new) $12.00


*Doodle Alphabet $15.00
*Be Happy (new) $15.00
*Refuge and Strength (new) $15.00 SOLD
*Season of Joy $15.00
*So Much $15.00
*Big Deal Alphabet $15.00
*In my Thoughts $15.00
*Delightful Decorations (new) $15.00
*All Year Cheer $15.00
*Solemn Stillness $15.00 PENDING
*Define Your Life (like new) $15.00 SOLD


Lovely Linda said...

Oh my giddy aunt Silke - there are more stamps here than in my whole collection! LOL! Hope you sell them all - I am sure people will want to snap up a bargain - can't wait to see the new ones you get to replace them!! God bless you!!

Hui Lian said...

Hi Silke,

Are these stamps still available?

Ninon said...

Hi there!
Are these stamps set still available? And if so, would you ship First Class International to Canada?