Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hello everybody,

I wish you all a great, successful and healthy 2008!!!

For me, I hope it will be a good one too...since this is the Year of "Truth" for me. My New Year's Resolution is to lose 30 pounds!!! Yes, I know that's quite a bit, but I'm tired of making excuses for myself...plus I'm turning 40 in October and I just don't want to look like this anymore....!!!

Here is what's also going to happen - with every 10 pounds I'm losing I will give away "BLOG CANDY" !!!

I'll report once a week "How much I have lost"!!! We'll start today - I hate to say it but my starting weight is 171 pound.

I'm not going to do a specific diet, I'm trying to eat healthier and of course try to incorporate as much of a workout as I can. Also I really need to drink more water and lay off the soda!!!

My husband bought me an i-Pod for x-mas so I can use that for my walking sessions....
I'll be also using my elliptical that collected dust over the last couple of months.

You are probably wondering why in heavens name I'm doing this on my blog??? Well - I don't really know but I thought this will maybe help me to stay focused since I have to report to somebody...
I have done Weight Watchers before...and I just hated to go to all those meetings....but I also learned some good information that I'll take to heart.

Anyway, if anybody who reads this would like to be my "Buddy" in losing weight feel free to e-mail me at silkeledlow@yahoo.com and I promise I'll keep it my secret!!! Hopefully I can inspire someone???

Well, wish me good luck and I'll weigh in with you next Tuesday!!!

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Julie_3 said...

I am praying for you about your weight loss goal. Please pray for me as well, I have that on my resolutions list also!!
I need to use some gym equipment and stop eating just because the kids are eating a cookie....*LOL*