Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nicole has asked me "What I meant about the self-made Marker...."

It's when you use a "Blender Pen" and let it soak in the choice of your "Re-Ink" color.

In my case I used the Wild Wasabi "Re-Inker" and made my own Marker (Blender Pen) , since SU does not sell the "In Colors" as Markers!!!

Hope that help....~Silke

Add on: Carol asked "if you could use an older, dried up Blender Pen....???"

I always used a "new" Blender Pen, since you want the Pen to really be able to soak it up!!! But then again I have not tried an older BP....I also know that some stores sell the "Re-Inker" for the Blender Pen too - just another option to bring your older Blender Pen up to speed!!! ~Silke~

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Carol said...

This is soooo cool! Does the blender pen soak up very much of the reinker? Do you use an older blender pen that may be a bit dried out in order to soak up the ink?