Monday, March 10, 2008


How fun is this.... Jessica - Can you say addicted to stamp????nominated me with this wonderful "You Make My Day" award!!!

She really made my day yesterday....I'm just a little bit behind with everything today!!!

If you have not discoverd Jessica yet please hop over to her amazing blog gallery - she makes the best "Easter" cards and of course other beautiful creations, but right now I'm *hopping* over her stunning "Easter" cards!!! You can find her under my favorite bloggs....

I'll nominate a couple of my wonderful participants who played in my Blog Candy Givaway!!!

1. Christine Kane -
2. Savitri -
3. Susan Roberts -
4. Catherine -
5. Lisa -
6. Sarah -

I guess it said 5 nominee's but I hope one more is still okay...?!?

If you have not met these ladies yet - please look them up!!! Maybe you'll meet someone who inspires you with their beautiful creations!!!


savitri said...

You are soooo sweet! Thank you. Now you've made my day!!! Your cards are very inspiring. Except for the Just Because card on March 7th, I love all your stuff. Don't get me wrong, the Just Because card is super gorgeous but I can't sew so I can't try it out :D

Susan (rainy) said...

Thank you Silke! How cool is this! I love you blog btw.. You have a very elegant style to your creations.

Jessie/knightrone said...

You are so welcome, you so deserve it!!

Coconutmuffn said...

Thank you so much Silke!! This truly made my day. I just love your blog and your creations, I just can't wait for more!!