Thursday, June 5, 2008

Look at this!!!

Look at these two cards I have received in the mail yesterday. This stunning first card is from my buddy
Jessica aka *knightrone*.

I already loved this card when I saw it over on SCS and when I opened my mail I almost fell off my chair - Jessie wrote in her gorgeous card that she made this card with my being on her mind the whole time!!! How can you beat that???

Jessie - I love ya - you are probably the sweetest and most caring person on this planet!!! I'm sending you the biggest *HUG* EVER!!!! We'll have to get together soon so I can squeeze you myself - LOL!!! I'm so loving *my* card - thank you so much!!!

This card was made by my BFF on SCS Denise aka peanutbee . She has made it just for me - how super sweet is that???Isn't this awesome??? It's Denise and me eating our favorite ice cream together - he,he,he....

Thank you Denise!!! I love *our* friendship card and the bling you have mailed me!!!
You have made it look so super cute with the *sparkles* and your coloring is flawless!!!

Stay tuned for the next card!!! I have made another Blog Candy *Sketch Favorite*!!!


Denise Marzec said...

BFF...awww, you're just sweet as pie. I really love our online friendship too, girly!! {hugs!}

Jessie's card is beautiful!

Jessie/knightrone said...

You are so super sweet!!! Thanks for saying all that!!Big hugs to you too!!