Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello everyone!!!

What a crazy week it has been.....sorry I have been MIA, but since we left for Charleston, SC to have my INS appointment - I have not had a quiet moment!!!

My appointment went very smoothly....we were in and out in no time - YEAHH!!! Usually you have to wait for hours....not this time!!! Our stay in Charleston was so nice - it is such a beautiful town!!!

Remember I told you *Luke* had his Vet appointment on Wednesday....that boy has gained 5 pounds and has grown three inches!!! He is gonna be a big, big Boxer - LOL!!! But what can I say - he is sooooooo darn cute - he,he,he!!!

The girls had their *Open House* at school and met their new teachers. They will be going back to school this coming Monday - I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this!!!! My life will be back on track - LOL!!!

I finally have my house back under control's clean, the laundry is done and we have been cooking up a storm....we had friends come every night and we've been a friend of mine from VA is coming by and we'll hang out and eat some more - LOL!!! Bad week for my figure - I think I gained at least 5 pounds - I'm afraid to step on my scale....

Anyway - I just wanted to say *Hello* and I can't wait to get back into the stamping groove!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!! Hugs ~Silke~


Renée said...

welcome back, Silke!! Glad you had a good trip!
I can't believe school starts next week ... ours is not for a few more weeks yet!

Giovana said...

Hello back Silke. I am glad your app. was good. I checked my green card and it has few more years to go, LOL.

I haven't stamped much lately, I am in charge of Arts & Crafts in our VBS, so I am goin to be busy next week, I hope I have some time to create.

Have a great weekend.
God bless

Dawn Easton said...

Welcome back Silke! Glad to hear all went well and you had a nice time while you were there!

I've missed seeing your fabulous creations :)

Wow your girls go back so soon. We don't go back until after Labour Day in September but then again we only got out on June

Have a fab weekend!