Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blog Candy Winner and the stocking template!!!

Good morning everyone!!!

Sorry, for being so quiet again this's always crazy right before the girls get out of school next week, plus our little Mimi is about to turn 6 years next week and we are having a surprise birthday party for her at *Monkey Joe's* today. On top of all that action I came down with a head cold that just kicked my you know what yesterday.

Needless to say I'm not functioning a 100% and once again I don't have a card for today's Crazy 4 Challenges. But if you are looking for a fun challenge make sure to stop by the C4C blog today to see what's going on and check out the CrazyGirls gorgeous creations!!!

I also wanted to announce the Blog Candy winner!!! Thank you all for playing and the lucky winner is.....Wanda Cullen ~ Cullen-ary Creations!!! Congrats Wanda!!! Please be so sweet and contact me under to claim you prize!!!  

Before I'm heading out I wanted to tell you really quick about the *Stocking Gift Card Holder* I made in my previous post...I can't believe I forgot to add the link to the template...but HERE it is!!! Sorry guys!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll hopefully see you tomorrow with a card!!! Hugs ~S~


Marisa said...

Hope you have a fabulous birthday party and you can kick the cold soon! Thanks for the link to the GC holder. Happy mail is on its way to you :)

Anonymous said...

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